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Kennevale Child Care
Tel:  613.825.9385
Malvern Child Care
Tel:  613.825.1271
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Executive Director 12
Program Supervisor 11
Office Manager 10
Generl Enquiries 22
Toddler Program 19
Junior Preschool Program 18
Senior Preschool 17
Junior Kindergarten Program 16
Senior Kindergarten Program 20
School Age Program 613 - 859 - 7012
Nursery School Program 15
Resource Centre/Early Years Centre 14
Kennevale  Child Care
56 Kennevale Drive Nepean, ON K2J 3B2
Tel: 613.825.9385 Fax: 613.825.2196

Malvern Child Care
101- A Malvern Drive Nepean, ON K2J 2S8
Tel: 613.825.1271 Fax: 613.825.0881

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