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Barrhaven Nursery School
The Nursery School is a part-time program for preschool children, with a focus on social/emotional development in a group setting. We are located at 56 Kennevale Drive.  Children attend three mornings or three afternoons, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from mid-September to mid-June.

Children must be 2 ½ years or older to attend the morning program, and 3 years or older to attend the afternoon program. We are licensed to accommodate 16 children in each class, with two Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE).

Our Indoor Play program includes music and movement, science exploration, block play, dramatic play, art activities, books and literacy activities, puzzles and cognitive toys, and group games. Weekly program plans as well as program goals are posted for parents. As well, each day includes snack, circle time (stories and songs in a small group setting), and outdoor play, in our fenced-in playground.

There is no required volunteering, fundraising, or duty days in our program, but parents who wish to volunteer are welcome.

We keep an ongoing waiting list for spaces in the nursery school. To register for this year or to go on the waiting list for future years, or for any other questions, please contact us.
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When planning and implementing the curriculum, educators consider the document "How Does Learning Happen?", following the four foundational conditions that are important for children to grow and flourish: Belonging (being part of and contributing to a group), Well-Being (physical and mental health, and wellness), Engagement (being engaged and focused on learning), and Expression (communication).

Art Area

- finger painting      *  At the Easel- markers

Wednesday - collage - with feathers, ribbons scraps and pieces of fabric * At the Easel - paint

Friday - cutting and gluing - magazine pictures of people

Dramatic Play

Playing Grocery Story- with empty food containers, grocery carts, cash registers

Week 2 - add play money and ‘grocery lists’ (using clipboards)

Book Corner
Doll House

Storybooks about food, grocery stores and seasonal books

Block Area
Cardboard blocks for building

Farm animals and farm vehicles - tractors, pick up trucks

Science and Sensory Activities
Monday  - Scented playdough

Wednesday  - Water play - tubing, pails, containers  (practicing pouring and filling)

Friday - Baking Day  - making banana muffins for snack

Special Activities

Listening Centre - with headphones - listening to ‘books-on-tape’

A “Storywalk”  -  outside - for Wednesday’s circle time

Cognitive/Puzzle/Fine Motor Area

Patterning toy with shapes, seasonal puzzles, Duplo Lego with vehicles, Mr. Potato Head,  pegboard with oversize pegs

Outdoor Play
“Mud Kitchen” in the sandbox - with old pots and pans


Bikes, Plasma cars